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Equipment Manufacture

Harbrook Engineering manufactures car turntables for CarTurtables Ltd, Spreadwise Umbilical Coil Systems, and also manufactures the Zero Mower.

Umbilical Coil Systems

Spreadwise Umbilical Coil Systems, which include hose Reelers, Spreaders and Injectors

Spreadwise systems are extensively used by contractors,farmers,public utilities and industry.

All SPREADWISE hose reelers are fitted with quick release 'A' frame systems for safe easy tractor mounting.The main frames are made of heavy gauge welded box section painted steel and the reels are galvanised for a long and durable life. Power is supplied by a 15 hp high torque hydraulic motor and chain drive.

Hose reelers


For more information on all the products in the Spreadwise range please visit the web site at:



Zero Mower

The Zero Mower is simple and reliable, containing no gearbox. chains or tines. The Mower provides a very clean cut, leading to the fastest possible regrowth. It also allows a very precise height setting without any 'scalping' or picking up dirt. The grass is picked up and blown undamaged into the trailer, this way the grass remains cool and fresh for 24 hours.

Silver Medal

Silver Medal at the Royal Agricultural Society Machinery Awards 2000,



Zero Mower

The mower side-loads into any of Zero's feeder trailers using Zero's specially developed swing-over drawbar system which allows both machines to follow one tractor. This enables much of the weight of the machines to be carried by the tractor and ensures that all sets of tyres follow different paths to avoid compaction and rutting. This equipment can go out and mow grass when letting the cows is not possible.

Zero's feeder trailers

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